Tortoise Tagger
  Please note that TT was created for Word XP, and it may not work on the latest versions of Microsoft Word. I cannot continue its development due to lack of time, however, I know that some translators studied the Tagger's code and the (extensive) comments, and made the Tagger work in their own environment, one of them even added a couple of new features. So you can do it too. It will help you in business and in general.

Tortoise tagger is a Word template which can read text strings and commands from a taglist created by the user and tag the text in the document accordingly.
Tortoise Tagger is freeware, the program code contains many comments making it possible for a VBA newbie to understand the tagger's mechanics.
ReadMe tells how to use Tortoise Tagger with the available taglists and how to create your own ones.

  Download components here:      
  Tortoise Tagger
Zip 28 kb 
  Tagger Readme
Zip 218 kb 
  LaTeX code & output
Zip 125 kb 
  LaTeX taglist
Zip 2.5 kb 
  'Beginlatex' manual
Zip 770 kb 
  Example LaTeX files
Zip 56 kb 
  InDesign taglist
Zip 1 kb 
  Game Resource file & taglist
Zip 1.2 kb 
  Quark Express taglist
Zip 0.5 kb
  Web Database file & taglist
Zip 1 kb
  Frame Maker taglists
Zip 5 kb
  Corel Ventura taglist
Zip 1 kb
  Page Maker SC taglist
Zip 1 kb
  Misbehaving Doc Cleaner
Zip 0.5 kb
  XML XLIFF taglist
Zip 2.5 kb
  Segmented TTX to Deja Vu
Zip 2.1 kb
  TTX Target Remover
Zip 1.1 kb
  TTX to MS Word Converter
Zip 42 kb
  XAML Processor for Deja Vu
Zip 2 kb
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